Must-See Buildings and 

Special Places to Visit!

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Looking down Ironmonger Street to St. Michael's Church

Looking Down St. Mary's Hill

Looking Down St. Mary's Hill

View of The Meadows from the Town Bridge


Stamford History in Mallory Lane

St. Martin's with the church

The George Hotel in St.Martin's

Looking up Castle Dyke towards the Sheepmarket

River Welland from the Town Bridge

The Albert Bridge

A walk along the river in Water Street to St. Martin's

Lower End of Cheyne Lane

St. Michael's Church in High Street

Hoptroff & Lee in Cheyne Lane

St. Mary's Street at the lower end of Cheyne Lane

Stamford Arts Centre

St. George's Square and Church


Looking along Broad Street

Browne's Hospital or Bede House

Red Lion Sq & St. John's church

Nearby Barn Hill & All Saint's


The Corn Exchange Cafe and Shops in Broad Street

Looking down Castle Dyke towards The Meadows

Stamford Meadow Ducks!

The Albert Bridge

Willows along the Riverside Walk in Water Street

Looking Down Cheyne Lane

Medieval Almshouses at the Town Bridge