Shopping in Stamford

In Stamford we have lots of independent shops and cafes/restaurants and lots of nice places to sit outside in the summer!

Where are the shops        and Cafes?

Well, everywhere! In Stamford you can shop till you drop in lots of different areas and stop for refreshment on the way! So here's a few ideas to make the most of your retail therapy session!

  High Street

Shopper's garden High Street

 From the High Street​              you can access        Ironmonger         Street,    

   and the "little lanes", 

     all with a variety of shops, restaurants and                     services 

    Stamford              Walk, Cheyne Lane    and Maiden          Lane

Maiden Lane

Cheyne Lane

St. Mary's Street & Bath Row

St. Mary's Hill

Stamford "Green Quarter" in St. Paul's (right)

Broad Street shops

North Street, Broad Street, Red Lion Street & Square

Red Lion Street

All Saints St & St. Peter's Hill


High Street has a mix of independent shops and chain stores.

High Street is a main shopping area but don't forget to explore all the side streets and lanes!

Ironmonger Street

Stamford Walk

St. Mary's Street

Some of St. Mary's Street restaurants border the river, opening out onto Bath Row in full sight of the Meadows

Green Quarter St. Paul's Street

Red Lion Square

The Square leads you into All Saints Place, Sheepmarket and Scotgate