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If you fancy visiting all 5 of Stamford's churches plus additional former religious establishments of interest, here's a few ideas to get the best out your visit.

Today's working churches in the town centre include:

St. George, All Saints, St. Mary, St. Martin and St. Augustine. 

St. John and St. Michael are decommissioned churches and are still used by the community. St. Paul's chapel is in the private grounds of Stamford School and can be viewed from the public footpath. It is worth remembering that Stamford had many religious institutions including a Priory. St. Leonard's Priory remains but many of the other establishments have long since disappeared. More information about their original locations in the town along with information about the individual churches can be obtained from Stamford Visitor Centre in St. John's Church.

Ideas for the order in which to visit:

1). St. Michael's  2). All Saints  3). St. John's  4). St. Mary's and over the town bridge to 5). St. Martin's 6). Back to St. Mary's and along St. Mary's Street to  

6). St. George's Square and church

OR if you are parked in the Cattle Market car park walk along past the George Hotel and right into 1). St. Martins and the church is on your left up the hill

Return to town across the bridge to 2). St. Mary's, along St. Mary's Street to 3). St. George's Square and church, past the church into St. George's Street and up towards Marks and Spencer on High Street, turn right into High Street and 4). St. Michael's church is on your left, 5). St. John's at the end of the High Street and 6). All Saint's Church in the centre of Red Lion Square.

For St. Paul's former church, now a chapel in the grounds of the School, this is located along St. Paul's Street (pass Marks and Spencer on the left). St. Augustine's Church is located on Broad Street and you can turn onto Broad Street via Star Lane from St. Paul's Street.

For St. Leonard's Priory it is best to take your car or bicycle and directions can be obtained from the visitor centre.

All Saint's Church seen from Red Lion Square

It is advisable to check access to each church before your visit to avoid disappointment. Some churches can only be visited on certain days. The interior of St. Michael's is permanently occupied by its shop interiors.

St. John's Church is at the lower end of High Street and site of the visitor centre

St. George, St. George's Square

St. Michael, High Street

St. Augustine, Broad Street

St. Martin's from the town bridge